SMS is the most common type of notification today. UCME-OPC™ can send SMS to any cell phone or landline phone that supports SMS.

SMS can be sent by the following means:

Using a cellular modem

Both CDMA and GSM are supported. SMS can be configured for both outgoing and incoming SMS. Incoming SMS can be used for alarm acknowledgement, Tag value change or query, report generation and more…

Supported modems

Sierra Wireless Airlink® RV50  4G  (Ethernet modem) Dual SIM support, GSM & CDMA
Sierra Wireless AirLink LS300  3G  (Ethernet modem) , GSM & CDMA
Sierra Wireless AirLink FX100 (Serial/USB) – GSM 3G  – USB + Serial
Sierra Wireless GL6110 (USB), GSM 2G
Sierra Wireless GL6100 (Serial) GSM 2G
Cinterion/Gemalto BGS5T, MC52iT / MC55iT, TC65T – GSM 2G
MultiTech MultiModem GSM (USB or serial) – GSM 2G

UCME-OPC Alert via SMS

Bidirectional SMS

UCME-OPC™ allows two-way SMS between recipients (such as technicians, field engineers or managers) and the control system. Recipients receive alarm notifications yet can also change set-points, acknowledge alarms, execute programs and scripts, and a range of other actions – directly from their cell phone.

Escalation using SMS and a cellular modem

UCME-OPC™’s sophisticated escalation procedure is a customizable alarm delivery feature that sends alarms to alternative recipients. When a recipient acknowledges the alarm, further, unnecessary repeat alarm notifications are prevented – reducing nuisance alarms and reducing costs. Alarms can be configured so that they are sent with a time delay between each SMS. Once and alarm is acknowledged or ended, the escalation may be stopped. If no acknowledgment is received, UCME will continue with the escalation reaching higher recipient levels.

Fallback SMS channel

If UCME-OPC™ fails to send a text message (SMS) via one channel (for example: a faulty GSM cellular modem), it will automatically switch to a fallback channel (for example: a CDMA cellular modem). This functionality reduces the chances that a text message will not be sent and as a result, increases the system reliability.

Native SMS via cellular modems – eliminating Internet threats

Unlike other software packages that require continuous Internet connection to send email-to-cellular messages, UCME-OPC™ uses native text messaging via cellular modems, which means your control system is completely protected from Internet security threats.

Sending production reports to your cell phone via SMS

Using the UCME-OPC™ Alarm Snapshot functionality, you may receive production reports to your cell-phone via SMS.

Sending SMS messages over the Internet using SMS gateways

UCME-OPC™ allows sending SMS over the Internet using SMS gateways. All you need is to contact an SMS Gateway service provider that will provide you the access to its SMS gateway service.

UCME-OPC Production Report via SMS

Multi Language support

UCME-OPC™ allows sending SMS using your local language.

UCME-OPC SMS - supported languages