UCME-IT™ is a notification server software that enables developers to build SMS, Push, Mail & Voice communications using simple JSON or XML APIs. UCME-IT™ runs on the customer’s server. UCME-IT™ runs on MS Windows™ operating system.

Alarm notification via multiple channels

Alarms can be sent in a number of ways:

  • Voice over Telephony – send a voice message via phone. UCME-IT™ can concurrently dial to four recipients. During the call, alarms may be acknowledged; tag values may be retrieved or changed by the recipients.
  • SMS – send a text message to any phone using cellular or landline modems.
  • Push Send instant notifications on your phone, tablet or PC using the Pushover® application
  • Email – send a text message using email.
  • Voice annunciation – play a message over the computer’s speakers.

Alarm history and notification activity in MS SQL Server

UCME-IT™ keeps all alarm history and notification activity in MS SQL Server database. Reporting is available from any computer using a standard web browser,

APIs Notification made easy

APIs for developers – APIs allows you to easily create programs that use the UCME-OPC messaging engine. Send an XML or JSON file from any server on the network. UCME-OPC will do the rest.