Using UCME APIs you can send SMS, Push, Email and Voice messages from any remote server using SOAP/XML/JSON technology. Just fill the recipient’s name, phone number etc. UCME will send the message for you. Using this new functionality, customers and system integrators can use UCME as a notification engine. OPC connectivity is not required.

XML sample code

JSON sample code


Using the UCME Snapshot functionality, you may receive production reports to your cell-phone via SMS (Text message), pager oe email.

The alarm snapshot may optionally contain the tags’ time-stamp. The time-stamp information may help the user to better understand the “big picture”, thus  allowing to take the right decisions. See below.


UCME-OPC Redundancy

UCME-OPC™ supports master/standby configuration. UCME-OPC™ running on the standby PC will send alarms only as backup to UCME-OPC™ at the master PC.

UCME-OPC™ supports FDA regulations, assisting pharmaceutical and food factories to achieve compliance with the following features:

  • Electronic records of every operator action, signed with explanatory text and securely logged in a database.
  • Password expiration and Minimum length.
  • Confidentiality enforcement – only authorized users can add, edit or view data.
  • User-specific inactivity time-out periods.
  • Operators must provide an electronically signed explanation of their actions (system changes).
  • Full accountability and traceability supported by automatic capture of who, what, when, and why-related information.
  • Sort and filter by date/time, operator etc.
  • Report export to HTML

UCME-OPC™ logs all alarms, notification activity, acknowledgement received from the recipients to an SQL database (MS SQL Server and MS Access). The alarm history may be viewed and analyzed on any computer via Internet/Intranet using a web browser. This feature ensures a complete and thorough monitoring of every activity for enhanced efficiency and flexibility.