Importing SBO alarm into UCME-SmartConnector

Using the UCME-SmartConnector extension, you may easily import your SBO alarms into UCME. No need to redefine your alarms. Changes in the SBO alarms will be available following the import process. The import process takes ~1 second.

See the screen capture below.

SmartConnector service Watch-dog

Be notified in real-time when the SmartConnector service is Stopped or Running.

See the screen capture below.


SBO System Alarms

Be notified in real-time when system alarms are generated by the SBO. SBO system alarms can be sent via: SMS, Push and Email.

See the screen capture below.

Acknowledge SBO Alarms via SMS or Push

Acknowledge SBO alarms remotely using your cellphone via SMS or Push.

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UCME-SmartConnector supports redundancy. Two UCME-SmartConnector servers are required – Master and Standby. The Standby runs in passive mode until there is a problem with the Master. Then, it will automatically switch to active mode.

See the screen capture below.


  1. Receive alarms within 1 second!
  2. Distinguish between different alarm priorities.
  3. Distinguish between alarm messages and SMS.
  4. Acknowledge alarms and stop escalations.
  5. 7,500 messages per month – free of charge!
  6. Message length: 500 characters vs. 70 or 160 in SMS.
  7. Send an alarm to a group – all recipients receive it at the same time!
  8. Receive alarms in: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and desktops.
  9. Easy alarm Acknowledge and Reminder
  10. Red alarms (Emergency) are more important to handle!
UCME-OPC Pushover support
UCME-OPC Pushover support
UCME-OPC Pushover support
UCME-OPC Pushover support

Push messaging using your web browser:


UCME-SmartConnector supports all languages.

UCME-OPC SMS supported languages

UCME-SmartConnector™ can concurrently dial up to four telephone numbers, play voice messages, send emails, SMS, Push messages and play alarms to local multimedia loudspeakers.

UCME-SmartConnector™ allows sending SMS over the Internet using SMS gateways(Brokers). All you need is to contact an SMS Gateway service provider that will provide you the access to its SMS gateway service.

UCME-SmartConnector™’s sophisticated escalation procedure is a customizable alarm delivery feature that sends alarms to alternative recipients. When a recipient acknowledges the alarm, further unnecessary repeat alarm notifications are prevented – reducing nuisance alarms and reducing costs.

Create predefined notification scenarios based on date, day-of-week and time.


UCME-SmartConnector distinguishes between low severity alarms and high severity alarms. Alarms that are defined as High Severity will be handled with higher priority than the other alarms. For example, if you have 50 alarms in the alarms queue waiting to be sent to the recipients, the high severity alarm will bypass all other alarms and will be sent immediately. This feature ensures that high severity alarms will be sent to recipients in the shortest time, prevent damage, improve up-time and service.

If UCME-SmartConnector™ fails to send a text message (SMS) via one channel (for example: a faulty GSM cellular modem), it will automatically switch to a fallback channel (for example: a CDMA cellular modem). This functionality reduces the chances that a text message will not be sent and as a result, increases the system reliability.

UCME-SmartConnector™ can be used to escalate an alarm to several recipients. It can send the alarm to the 1st recipient, if an acknowledgement is not received within NN minutes, then the alarm will be sent to the next recipient.

Unlike other software packages that require continuous Internet connection to send email-to-cellular messages, UCME-SmartConnector™ uses native text messaging via cellular modems, which means your systems are completely protected from Internet security threats.


UCME-SmartConnector™ enables you to translate various texts to your local language. For example, the text “Alarm started” or “Alarm ended”, attached to the SMS message, may be translated to any language.

With UCME-SmartConnector™, administrators can define recipients. Each recipient has its own authorization and time intervals that the system can use to send alarm notifications.


With UCME-SmartConnector™, administrators can define recipient groups for easier alarm maintenance. These groups may be used inside the JSON or XML file.


Using UCME-SmartConnector™, you may acknowledge alarms using your cell phone. Upon acknowledgment, alarm escalation may be stopped. The SBO alarm will be also acknowledged.

The service operates before a user has logged in and continues to operate after the user has logged off. If the service fails, recovery actions can be set up, such as restarting the service automatically or restarting the computer (for computers running Windows® Server 2008/2012/2016, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 only).