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We are glad to inform you that UCME-OPC Version 2012 Service Pack 2 is now released.

This new version introduces the following enhancements and improvements:

Mail Server Redundancy – Users can now define two email servers – Primary and Secondary. Once UCME detects an error sending an email via the primary mail server, it automatically switches to the secondary mail server and vice versa. The result is increased system reliability. For example, when your primary mail server is not available or not responding, UCME can switch to the secondary mail server – Gmail.

UCME-OPC Redundant Mail Servers
UCME-OPC Redundant Mail Servers

Improved GSM Modem Error Recovery – In cases where the GSM modem stops responding or responds with an error, UCME will reinitialize the COM port and the modem. As a result, the GSM modem will not fail to deliver the alarms via SMS.

Manual Addition of OPC Servers – When OPC browsing is not supported, users can add an OPC server manually. The following information is required: Host-Name (Name or IP), OPC server name (e.g.: myserver.opc.1), CLSID and a Logical-Name.

Disabling the Deletion of Recipients/Group/Alarm Families – If required, UCME can disable the deletion of recipients, groups and alarm families if they are in use. An appropriate message will be displayed when trying to delete a recipient, group or alarm family that is in use.

Bug fixes and other improvements…

Upgrade note – Customers who have purchased the extended annual maintenance plan may upgrade their license free of charge. Please contact us for the download link and for a new license for Version 2012.