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We are pleased to announce the availability of the newest version of our flagship, best-of-breed SCADA/DCS alert management and remote response system: UCME-OPC Version 2013.

UCME-OPC Version 2013 extends our product’s advanced bidirectional SCADA/DCS alert functionality, which has already revolutionized industrial alert response and management. With a powerful new set of administrative tools, UCME-OPC Version 2013 now enables full remote alert management, smoother alarm viewing and handling, and broader reporting and audit capabilities. Moreover, UCME-OPC Version 2013 delivers:

  • New alarm databaseUCME-OPC Version 2013 introduces a completely revised alarm database, replacing the previous version. The new UCME-OPC database enables better access to alarm details including actions, user-created notes, status, timeframe, and duration. For any alarm, a single click brings you all activities related to that alarm (SMS delivery, email delivery, placing a phone call, alarm acknowledgement, recipient names, and more). Click to view the alarm database page…
  • Web-based alarm management UCME-OPC Version 2013 enables full remote active alarm management and alerting via web browser. From anywhere, anytime, active alarms can be filtered and sorted by type, and acknowledged according to pre-defined permissions. Each alarm action is recorded for reporting and audit, and notes may be added for clarification. Click to view the active alarms page…
  • Dynamic recipient enable/disableUCME-OPC Version 2013 makes it even easier to define on-call alert recipients, even without logging in to the UCME server.
  • Redundant GSM modems – For systems requiring full redundancy, UCME-OPC Version 2013 now offers full support for two GSM modems.
  • And more…for full details of the new and powerful features in UCME-OPC Version 2013, please download the release notes.

Control See extended service contract clients can download and install UCME-OPC Version 2013 for free. Our standard contract clients can contact us for attractive upgrade packages.