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We are pleased to announce the availability of the newest version of our flagship, best-of-breed SCADA/DCS/Historian alert management and remote response system: UCME-OPC Version 2014 SP1.

UCME-OPC Version 2014 SP1 offers the use of software licensing. Until today, Control-See has offered USB dongles only. Starting this version, customers can choose between a USB dongle and a software license. Software licensing makes it easier and cheaper (no need for USB over Ethernet) when working on a virtual environment where a local USB port is not present.

Moreover, UCME-OPC Version 2014 SP1 delivers:

Pushover – Acknowledgement is sent to UCME using a WEB callback
UCME-OPC Version 2014 SP1 allows the user to choose between two mechanisms to retrieve the user’s acknowledgement: Polling and a URL Callback. A URL Callback is much more efficient than polling, but requires a fixed IP address.

Russian language support
UCME-OPC version 2014 SP1 supports Russian language in its GUI and SMS and Email alarm notification.

New GSM modem is supported – Gemalto BGS5T

UCME-OPC version 2014 SP1 is certified by the OPC foundation
Two years after UCME-OPC version 2012 was certified, UCME-OPC version 2014 SP1 has also been certified.

And more…

For complete specifications of the new and powerful features of UCME-OPC Version 2014, please download the release notes.
Control-See extended service contract clients can download and install UCME-OPC Version 2014 SP1 for free. Our standard contract clients can contact us for attractive upgrade packages.