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We are pleased to announce the availability of the newest version of our flagship, best-of-breed SCADA/DCS/Historian/OPC alert management and remote response system: UCME-OPC Version 2014 SP3.

Using UCME-OPC Version 2014 SP3 you can send Push alerts in colors!

One picture is worth a thousand words. One color can change the entire picture…
UCME-OPC is the 1st (and only) alarm notification software that sends dynamic colored alerts using Push technology! Field values (tags), outside of their expected range, will be marked in red to help field engineers immediately see what is wrong! Field values within their expected range are marked in blue.

UCME-OPC Pushover support UCME-OPC Pushover support

Dynamic alarm prioritization
Moreover, UCME-OPC will dynamically change the alarm’s priority from Normal to Emergency so that field engineers cannot ignore it until it is acknowledged. Emergency alarms/report are displayed in red color. In this example, the Water Level parameter is less than 55 and as a result the background color dynamically changes to red.

UCME-OPC Alarm Snapshot via Pushover

So, what do you prefer? Black & White alerts? Or in colors?

Control See extended service contract clients can download and install UCME-OPC Version 2014 SP3 for free. Our standard contract clients can contact us for attractive upgrade packages.